Carl Kuang
Game Developer / Web Designer

I am a passionate game developer with great web development skills. I have developed 20+ mobile and web applications, and 10+ games from personal interest while studying computer science at school. Currently, I am looking for a full-time game developer position or to start up a game company with a group of passionate game developers to develop video games that gamers will be addicted to.

Lococube Inc.
Burnaby, B.C., Canada, Lead Developer
April 2011 - January 2013
Lococube Inc. aims to provide a local O2O platform with the objective of building a more effective online secondhand trading network. I was in charge of the platformʼs website, which was then built with HTML/CSS/jQuery, PHP, and MySQL.
R.C. Palmer Secondary School
Richmond, B.C., Canada, Student
September 2006 - June 2012
In high school, I have served as a Chinese translation volunteer for the school newspaper. During that time, I was also a volunteer in the Chinese Mental Wellness Association of Canada (presently the Community Mental Wellness Association of Canada) for maintaning their website.
British Columbia Institute of Technology
Burnaby, B.C., Canada, Computer Systems Technology
September 2012 - May 2014
Studied programming techniques and website development skills for the first year, and later on chose the TechPro option which lead to C# and game-related programming.
British Columbia Institute of Technology
Burnaby, B.C., Canada, Bachelor of Games Development
September 2017 - May 2019
Studied game design and programming for two years. An individual major game project still have to be submitted by January 2020 before they can give me my bachelor degree.
Blood, Sweat, and Money!

Blood, Sweat, and Money! is a game made with Unity for the 44th Ludum Dare game jam. It was submitted to the 48-hour compo, meaning that every thing in the game is required to be made individually within the 48-hour range from scratch.


Prison.exe is an obstacle-avoiding video game made by a group of 5 members. I took care of the 3D models, animations, shader effects, and voice acting.


Foohay is a mission-impossible styled text-puzzle game designed for iOS and Android using React Native.


Duello is a platformer styled video game made with Unity 3D by a group of 5 members. I mainly took care of the scene building, model making, shader effects, menu/loading scenes, and voice acting.


Secret is a game made with Unity for the 40th Ludum Dare game jam.

Although the game was finished under 30 hours, it was submitted to the 72-hour jam section because I was 10 hours late for the jam and decided to not do the modeling on my own (you are allowed to use other resources for the 72-hour team jam but not for the 48-hour individual compo).

There were a total of around 3,000 entries in this jam, and my entry got the 86th place in innovation and the 112th place in theme.

Days Matter

Days Matter is a custom mod for RimWorld, it records the playersʼ birdthdays and allows them to add custom memorial days so that there will be special events on these days.

The mod is rated 5-star on Steam Workshop and it once went to around 30 thousands subscribers.

Triple Word Castalia

Notie is an HTML5 Canvas/CSS3 entertainment website that allows players to join sessions and play the Telephone game with texts or drawings.

Flarum extensions

Several extensions for Flarum, an open-source forum software written in PHP. The total installs for the extensions are over 5,000.

Cross-platform App
Family Tree

It auto-generates Chinese names and according to the settings it also generates a whole family tree for them.

Rin Bot

A remaster of the chat-bot I made earlier in 2011 with C#. Several new functions and games like fishing and mining were added to make it more like a collection of M.U.D games. The Daily Active User once went to around 300, making it a small online game.

Block It!
Prism.js for Typecho

A code high-lighting plugin for the PHP blogging software Typecho.

Coin Design

Designed for the 12th anniversary for The Urban Legends of Monsters. Tools used are Adobe Illustrator, SketchUp and 3ds Max.

Cities: Skylines Mods

Several Mods (game assets) for Cities: Skylines to improve skills in 3D modeling and texturing. Tools used are SketchUp and Substance Painter.

City Survivor
Pixel Dungeon Chinese Translation

Translated a Java PC game Pixel Dungeon by re-writing some of their code in Bitmap Font handling and rendering for Asian characters.

Block It!

A strategy/puzzle game for both iOS and Android made with Java using the game framework libGDX.

Google Maps Website
My Media Memory
NXT Robot

The final project for BCIT CST programʼs first year students. The goal is to write a few programs in Java and control the robot to accomplish different tasks.

Rin Editor

A text editor writtin in VB.Net that helps writing fictions with word calculation, auto save, text formatting, character name generation, and other useful functions.


Some practice drawings using Adobe Illustrator and/or Corel Painter.


A text-based strategic game that allows the player to go to each location and buy/sell items. The goal is to buy low and sell high to pay back your debt.

Go Edward Go
Medicine Selling Website
Minecraft Mods

Several mods for Minecraft. It was well-known for a while in the Minecraft circle and earned me some cash through the download link ads.

Better Standing Animation

A mod for Elder Scrolls: Skyrim that involves 3D modeling and skeleton animation, which had then become the first mod that changes the playerʼs idle poses and become the most popular mod in that period.


Lococube aims to provide a local O2O platform with the objective of building a more effective online secondhand trading network.

Rin Bot
Round Table

A website to commemorate my high school life with friends.

Skit Tool

A tool to auto format and highlight the skit lines that I made in high school to help with different projects.

Truth or Dare

My first iOS app made with Adobe Flash, which at the time could still compile their ActionScript to iOS app.


A mission-impossible type question-and-answer entertainment website. The concurrent users once went to over a thousand.

The Urban Legends of Monsters

The Urban Legends of Monsters is a fan-site for the Chinese fiction novel 都市妖奇谈. It is well-known among the novelʼs audiences.

Back in the year 2008, I started the website with PHP and MySQL using Dreamweaver. During the years it had been rebuilt several times and I always wanted to try the new technologies on it. Thus, it became my first production website that implemented the responsive layout technique.

Flash Video

Some cartoon animations I made with Adobe Flash on my favourite anime at the time, Doraemon.

CardMaker Poster

A tool that generates a small card image that contains custom entered information and a hidden token in the binary file for validation.

Bloxorz Chinese Translation
Dora Union (哆啦A盟)

Dora Union is a Chinese fan-site for Doraemon. There were more than fifteen-thousand members before its shutdown in October 2016.

The website had been on the news and Chinese Wikipedia-like websites several times.

Hello World!

My first program made with Visual Basic 6.0 in age 10.

First Website

My first website made with Microsoft FrontPage in age 9.